Great Coffee in Granada

Ideal Places to Grab A Cup

It may not be a surprise to you to know that the Spanish love their coffee, therefore you may be even less shocked to find that Granada is populated with many different coffee houses. If you are hooked on that popular brown drug, by which of course I mean coffee, then instead of seeking help (like you should if you are hooked on that other brown stuff) will want to find a good dealer in the area to hook you up with your fix. The problem here is that so many are competing for your attention it may be tough to figure out which ones are best. Luckily if you aren’t picky and like the stuff straight up (aka black) you wont really have to go to far to find somewhere that will supply you. If you are from further afield however and have acquired a taste for fancy Costa caramel gingerbread lattes or Starbucks unicorn sugary sips then you may have a different issue on your hands. Here are some of the best rated places in the region where you can get a cup of joe.

Duran Barista

This place looks great inside and out, with a stylish look and modern feel expect some good quality coffee here. Here you can grab a cortado and expect to have your name or something fun written in the milk for an extra treat, however the art isn’t the best thing about the café. With a sturdy breakfast buffet if you are feeling hungry and now coffee tasting available on alternative weekdays you can be sure that these guys are eager to stay in style.



More than just a café, this bright and vibrantly coloured place is a haven for anyone wanting somewhere to escape to. With a very youthful feel about it behind the counter here you will find a range of coffee, tea and many vegan options for those of you are keen to stay green. The whole interior feels fun and the staff here are delightfully excitable so if you want a good chat this is the place to go too.

La Finca Coffee

This place will likely bring comfort to those from elsewhere as the look and environment of this coffee roasters brings to mind a much more modern and Americanised coffee house. Here they are passionate about coffee and have a great selection of different roasts and a variety of different sourced beans. This means that even if you are having simply an espresso there is plenty of selection for you here, as each different blend will provide a new flavour.

Café Baraka
Café Baraka

Café Baraka

Another more modern location that is highly stylised with a very organic surround, coffee lovers and anyone hungry will enjoy the menu here. With offerings of several coffee types including ristrettos, cappuccinos and frappes, visitors here are given a vast choice over hot and cold drinks that will keep you satisfied whatever the season. Add to this a mouth watering selection of snacks both sweet and savoury and you may be doing more than getting your caffeine fix here.