Reasons to visit Granda

Thousand of people flock to the Andalusian city of Granada every year as they are drawn into the beautiful scenery of a city steeped in history; it was after all the last bastion of the Islamic caliphate in Spain. There are dozens of reasons by tourists flock in droves to Granada and this article is set to highlight a handful of them.The main reason for Granada’s tourism is The Alhambra, which translates as “The Red One.” The Alhambra is a fortress and palace complex originally constructed in AD 899 on the remains of Roman fortifications and was renovated in the mid-13th century by Nasrid emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar of the Emirate of Granada.

Everyone who visits the Alhambra is taken aback by its beauty but it also has a mathematical background, too. The tiles of the ALhambra are remarkable because they contain all possible 17 “wallpaper groups” which is a unique accomplishment in world architecture. After visiting the Alhambra, you have to make time to head into Mirador de San Nicolas. Although the town is often crowed as it is popular with both tourists and students of the University of Granada, Mirador de San Nicolas is one place in Granada that you will be able to enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets in the world, if you can blank the vast crowds out of your mind that is.

You should also make time to visit Sacromonte because it is rick in folklore and is quite historical for the gypsy population. It is here that you will discover cave house build directly into Granada’s hill and it is in these special cave houses that some of the most spectacular flamenco takes place. If you visit Sacromonte during the early evening, you will be able to feast your eyes on a spectacular sunset before heading to a show that is sure to blow your mind. The cave houses used to be quiet places, but they have grown popular with tourists in recent years. Should you want to experience a traditional flamenco experience, make a beeline to the Zambra Maria la Canastera.

Those of you who like to bask in history have to head to the world famous Cathedral as it is a real Renaissance masterpiece. Here, you will find the Royal Chapel where the remains of Spain’s iconic Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isalbella I of Castile. These two monarchs funded the voyages of Christopher Columbus who we know discovered many parts of the modern world.

Finally, food lovers among you simply have to make time to sample some traditional tapas in Granada. There are dozens of tapas bars located throughout Granada and the majority of them serve them in a traditional manner and all will have you salivating as they are prepared and delivered to your table. Try to stay away from the tourist hotspots when it comes to ordering tapas and instead try to locate one of the many authentic restaurants for a truly magical experience.