The Ten Best Restaurants in Granada – Part 1

Spanish cuisine is generally highly regarded as one of the best European cuisines around. The abundance of a variety of fresh and organic produce enables chefs to create innovative and exciting food. And the large coastline surrounding Spain supplies the freshest of fish and seafood.

Traditionally the cuisine of Granada is of a wider variety than other regions in the country as it is influenced by many different cultures that have settled in this part of Spain. Probably the biggest influence is that of North Africa with richly colored spices enhancing the deep flavors of its dishes. The restaurants of Granada differ greatly because of this, and here are some of the very best.

Terra Bar

A very trendy establishment that offers a host of international cuisines together with a great art scene. At Terra Bar you can order a simple burger or gorge on delightful sushi, whilst taking in the ambiance of the old part of Granada. Even although the menu is not particularly large, the dishes are innovative and offer a twist on traditional southern Spanish cuisine and in addition there are some great Asian dishes to select from. It offers vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives also.

El Claustro

El Claustro is located in the prestigious AC Palacio de Santa Paula Hotel right in the most historical part of Granada. This restaurant is all about fine dining in luxurious surroundings. All the dishes are created using produce from around the area that are seasonal. The cuisine is mostly classical Andalusian fare, but with a certain El Claustro twist. Expect the prices to reflect the surroundings, but this restaurant is worth paying the extra.

Los Jardines de Zoraya

Situated in the buzzing Albaicin quarter of this great old city is a hidden culinary gem. Los Jardines de Zoraya is not the easiest place to find as it is tucked away among narrow streets under the gaze of Alhambra. The very atmosphere of the area makes this restaurant a must to visit, and the food delivers on all counts too.

As you dine, patrons are entertained by a flamenco extravaganza which is performed twice nightly. The restaurant offers a value for money three course meal that is definitely worth the money, with highlights such as Iberian pork, and tangy goats cheese.

Cien Montaditos

For a true taste of the famous Spanish bocadillos, you should head to the unassuming Cien Montaditos for the real deal. Not everybody would understand why what is basically a Spanish sandwich could be so sought after. But with fillings such as chorizo sausage and authentic Spanish tortilla, then you can understand the popularity of this simple but absolutely divine snack / sandwich. Bocadillos are only bite size tasty snacks, but that is their beauty as you can order many of the house specialties to try all the great tasty fillings. These restaurants could not be more different to one another, from fine dining to snack food and everything in between. Which sort of sums up the diverseness of modern Granada.