The Ten Best Restaurants in Granada – Part 2

The cuisine of Granada is famed throughout Spain as it has many influences from Morocco and other parts of North Africa that the great northern cities do not. Spices such as saffron and cumin are widely used in the cooking in Granada which all add to the unique cuisine of this historic part of Spain. We have selected a number of delightful eateries that you should try when visiting this great city.

Bodegas Espadafor

If you wish to sample simple but delicious Spanish food, then a trip to Via Colon to visit Bodegas Espadafor is well worth the effort. This restaurant / bar dates back over a century and the establishment is highly atmospheric. It even offers free tapas when you purchase a drink, but this is a wise promotion, as many people love the tapas so much they stay for dinner to enjoy a vast range of seafood and delectable octopus cooked to perfection.

Ruta del Azafran

Located right next to Alhambra is a jewel of the Granada culinary scene. Ruta del Azafran creates some of the most innovate dishes in the city. Most platters are based upon Arabian cuisine but there are also traditional Andalucian dishes to enjoy. The house specialty is the cous-cous, which can come in many variations including, vegetarian, lamb, or chicken.

Bar Avila

For the true taste of authentic tapas then Bar Avila is as good as it gets. This bar is a family run concern and has been so since 1967, its great location in the heart of the city makes it a popular hangout for many locals who want authentic tapas at reasonable prices. The décor is minimal, but the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.


You should always start the day breakfasting like a king, and Biggies is a popular haunt to break your fast, sip some incredible coffee and enjoy a delicious tapa or two. Join the rest of the locals and watch the rest of the world go by.

La Estrella de Elvira

For those with a sweet tooth then pop on over to the Albaican area of the city to this great family run restaurant. As well as divine Mediterranean dishes this establishment is famed for its crepes and pancakes and other sweet sticky desserts. If you want a real authentic Spanish dining experience, then this place is for you. Many locals frequent it for its excellent paella and delicious traditional omelets.

Tajine Elvira

Tajine Elvira was once described as a cozy hole in the wall, and this petite diner offers some of the best Moroccan food in Granada. The prices are really low, and steaming bowls of cous-cous and tagines are placed at dinner tables almost in conveyor-belt fashion. All the dishes taste like home cooked Moroccan food, and that is the beauty of this great restaurant. It is unassuming but serves up fantastic food on a regular basis.